Contemporary Tailoring for Tall Women

Contemporary Tailoring for Tall Women

Contemporary Tailoring for Tall Women

A tall woman’s guide to student fashion!

Our 6ft ambassador, Katy, has returned to university. Here’s her account of mastering the dress code:

Student life! Not something I thought I was ever going to return to, but here I am once again.

I have always been very conscious about how I look and dress each day with confidence and ease but, starting back really threw me. I didn’t have a clue how to dress.  Fashions have changed immensely since I last studied.  I decided for my first day to go smart but casual in jeans and a blouse. I needn’t have worried as ‘student fashion’ is extremely diverse.

Fashion styles tend to differ according to what students are studying as their course. The arty students tend to dress quite casually, the fashion students are extremely eclectic and there are also students in sportswear.  Then there are those like me who are smart casual.

Katy in student mode

She teams her Moreton blazer with jeans and a casual top for a ‘smart-casual’ look

I have worn my pink Moreton blazer on a few occasions. Each time, I have received lovely comments such as “oh that colour!” And “you look so smart”.  Tutors even compliment me on it.  I think the colour really helps it to stand out and being 6 foot tall, wearing it can be quite a head turner. I instantly feel super-confident when I am wearing it. I recently wore it with black jeans and a black long sleeve top. It’s was so warm and comfortable perfect for these autumn days.

You can tell blazers are back in fashion: a lot of students are wearing them in all different styles. I think blazers are great as they go with many things. Jackets are a big thing now it has turned to autumn. It’s not cold enough to wear something heavy so people seem to be wearing light jackets and knitwear. The Blewbury jacket would be perfect for a lot of students on these warm autumn days. It’s quite similar in style to the jackets a lot of students are wearing, especially the younger ones. Me personally, I’m a smarter girl and love the jeans/blazer combo and it fits perfectly into my student life.