Contemporary Tailoring for Tall Women

Contemporary Tailoring for Tall Women

Contemporary Tailoring for Tall Women

Thanking the NHS – nominate a key worker

We heard at the end of last week that a new work of art by Banksy had appeared at Southampton General Hospital. The one metre square painting has been hung in the hospital foyer near the emergency department. It shows a young boy playing with his superhero action figures. He has chosen an NHS nurse over his Batman and Spiderman toys.

The new artwork by Banksy in Southampton General Hospital

Banksy speaks for the nation by depicting a nurse as a superhero, now more than ever. I have my own reasons to be grateful to the NHS staff – particularly those at Southampton General Hospital – and was pleased to see my story appearing in The Express newspaper today (print copy only, it’s not made it online, sadly, so I can’t share a link).

The piece tells of my cycling accident almost five years ago, when I fell off my bike and, because I wasn’t wearing a cycle helmet, suffered a factured skull and blood clots on the brain. I was rushed to Southampton General for emergency surgery where they performed a craniotomy (removing a section of my skull to relieve the pressure on the brain) and kept me in a coma in the Intensive Care Unit for 10 days.

I spent a further few days in hospital at Southampton before being transferred back to Oxfordshire, where I live and where Allta is based.

What a stressful time that was for my friends, family and particularly for my husband, who made the journey to see me in hospital and then afterwards at the Oxford Centre for Enablement every day for almost 10 weeks. All time time whilst running his own business, too.

It was during my recovery from this accident that the idea really took hold to launch my clothing business.

So now it seems appropriate to offer a little something to an NHS key worker by way of thanks for my recovery and for all the hard work they are doing treating the huge number of Coronavirus sufferers in this country.

If you know of a tall healthcare worker you think would like an Allta jacket, why not email me on telling me their name, size, height and why you think they should receive a jacket. I will choose someone at the end of this month to receive one, so may be in touch with you to discuss the details.

Remember, that’s and you have til the end of the month to drop me a line.