Contemporary Tailoring for Tall Women

Contemporary Tailoring for Tall Women

Contemporary Tailoring for Tall Women

Tall women under the spotlight as ‘Tall Girl’ comes to Netflix

Tall women are under the spotlight more than ever this week with the release of Tall Girl, which charts some of the difficulties faced by 16 year-old Jodi, a 6ft 1.5” girl in high school. The Netflix drama follows on the heels of Game of Thrones, which featured 6ft 3” Gwendoline Christie as the indomitable Brienne of Tarth.

But this year Long Tall Sally opted to close the last of its bricks and mortar stores to focus on online sales. Is it actually becoming harder for taller than average women to find clothes they would really like to wear?

We’ve spoken to some of you about your shopping issues and here’s what you told us.

Caroline Gill, who is 5’11”, says: “It’s difficult to just go along the high street and browse. I can just about fit into high street sizes but only in certain stores, and even then I have lower expectations for the actual fit.”

Aleesha Hansel is 5’10” and a professional model. Being a professional clothes horse doesn’t mean she finds it easy to find things that fit her tall frame. She says: “Buying trousers, jeans, jumpsuits etc. is an absolute nightmare because they are always too short. Even dresses with waistbands are difficult as they are often not at my natural waist.” And the fact that some high street brands to have tall sections isn’t always the answer for Aleesha, so she takes matters into her own hands. “Some high street stores do have tall divisions, but they only do them online, which is frustrating.  I actually get a seamstress to alter things for me.”

And she is not alone. Caroline’s experience is that the high street names do not invest in their tall ranges. “Rarely in the things that will obviously cost them more to produce, so usually the nice stuff doesn’t come in a tall version.” Like Aleesha, she has things altered. “Nearly every time with jackets or trousers.”

 Jane Anderson is taller still. At 6ft 1”, she says, “I hate shopping and go only if it’s absolutely necessary”. She has problems with everything from leg length to the position of pockets and finds that many stores don’t alter the cut and proportions when making clothes for taller women. “[They] just stretch things out without considering what would suit a taller person.”

The choice for tall women has improved in recent years with some niche tall brands popping up online and Allta is one of them.

As you’ll know if you’ve been following us for a while, our collection features a range of shirts and jackets made in London from high quality fabrics in natural fibres, helping to cut down on the microplastic waste caused by washing synthetic fabrics in our machines.

Our shirts are made from cotton gingham and our jackets are either cotton twill or Shetland wool and we use mother-of-pearl buttons to finish our garments with quality trims.

You can see our full range here and don’t forget to look at The Tall Collective for some other tall-specific brands you may not yet know.

And as well as selling online, we’re also getting out and about to meet you at various events across the country.

If you would like to come and visit us to try before you buy, Allta will be at the Blenheim Horse Trials, 19-22nd September and then at the Belvoir Castle Countryside and Horse Lovers’ Christmas Shopping Fair at Belvoir Castle near Grantham, 29th November – 1st December.