Contemporary Tailoring for Tall Women

Contemporary Tailoring for Tall Women

Contemporary Tailoring for Tall Women

Think Pink!

Pink is getting all grown up. Once mainly seen as the choice of little girls for their bedrooms and princess outfits, pink has gone mainstream and become the go-to choice for powerful women, who want to stand out from the crowd and be seen as stylish as well as effective.

This year’s Fashion Weeks were awash with the colour and it may be no coincidence that Pantone named Living Coral as their colour of 2019. Away from the world of fashion, pink has also been making its mark in political circles. Nancy Pelosi, the US Speaker of the House of Representatives wore a hot pink dress when sworn in to the role, and followed this up by rocking a magenta trouser suit when sitting for a photograph with the Democratic committee chairmen a few weeks later. The colour has even made its mark in the fevered Brexit negotiations with the BBC’s high profile broadcasters, Laura Kuenssberg and Katya Adler wearing pink for numerous TV appearances.

Pretty in pink (l-to-r): Laura Kuenssberg, Nancy Pelosi and Katya Adler

So how can you make this look work for you and take advantage of the pink clothing on offer right now on the high street and here at Allta.

Here are our tips on getting pink right:

1.       Go for a shade of pink that will flatter your skin tone. If you have fair skin then a peachy tone may well suit you best. Olive or darker skin tones work best with brighter pinks. If you’re worried about flushing the same shade as your lipstick after a glass of wine, choose cool-toned (blue-based) pinks. If you notice that you are getting lots of compliments when you wear a certain shade of pink, you’ve probably found your best match.

2.       To avoid overdoing it, try wearing pink with more neutral colours. Choosing one pink statement piece, such as a shirt, a nice pair of pink trousers, or even a pink jacket will look great if you pair it with a more neutral colour like white, black, or khaki. For example, wearing a light pink jacket with a white dress or skirt will look mature and elegant. In terms of accessories, gold, black, brown, and silver all look great with pink.
Pink also looks great with leopard print.

3.       You can achieve a bold and striking look by colour blocking pink with another strong colour. Red, purple, black or royal blue all work well here, but again, make sure all the colours suit your skin tone. Fuschia pink and royal blue look fabulous on those with cool colouring, but a warmer complexion would suit a peachier shade and turquoise better.

4.       Alternatively, colours such as silver, orange, and yellow all contrast with pink without clashing.

On the catwalk at London Fashion Week (l-to-r): designs from Molly Goddard, Halpern, Christopher Kane and Ashley Williams

5.       Don’t go overboard. When wearing a colour like pink, try to remember that less is more. If you wear a pink top, don’t wear pink trousers, shorts, skirts, etc. in the same tone. If you do want to make your whole outfit pink, opt for tonal dressing, pairing a pastel pink top with a bolder pink skirt or trousers. Top the whole lot off with magenta shoes or a handbag. Choosing different shades of pink will make your outfit more interesting.

6.       Pink accessories can also be used to great effect to liven up a more neutral outfit: pink shoes, scarves or bags. If you do want to wear more than one piece of pink, try varying the shade of each piece to give your look some character.

7.       If you get the tone right, pink shoes can add a fun touch to most outfits.  High heels for a big night out might work well. Try flats for a more laidback day time look.

8.       Carry a pink handbag. If you’re wearing an otherwise neutral outfit, carrying a pink bag with you can add a bit of flair. Here again the shade and tone of pink can make all the difference. For example, if you are going for an elegant look, opt for a more neutral or pale shade of pink. If you want to go for an edgier look, find a bag that is in a bold, bright pink.

9.       You can also try pink hair accessories. Try a pink headband, clip, or even a bow if you like them.

10.       Pink doesn’t have to look sweet and demure. If you want a really edgy look, try layering a black leather jacket on top of a hot pink dress.

11.       And for that finishing touch, try using pink make-up, either on eyes or, as a safer bet, on lips, cheeks or nails.

Pink options at Allta (l-to-r): the Moreton blazer in hot pink and the Aston shirt in pale pink gingham work well together when paired over jeans