Contemporary Tailoring for Tall Women

Contemporary Tailoring for Tall Women

Contemporary Tailoring for Tall Women

Meet our ambassador, Katy!

Last month we heard from Rachel Broome, who is giving the Moreton blazer in silver grey a try as an Allta ambassador. You can read her thoughts on launching her own business and wardrobe tips below. This month, it’s the turn of Katy Lee-Alliston, who is about to go back to university to study diagnostic radiotherapy! No small endeavour when you have 4 children of school age at home. Katy has been putting the hot pink version of the Moreton blazer thorugh its paces and looks amazing in it! Read on to hear her thoughts on time management, wardrobe choices and why sustainability in fashion is important to her.

You’ve recently gone back to university to study diagnostic radiotherapy. With four children at home to manage, how big a challenge has this been?

Time management is the key to juggling a large family, day to day life and studying. I have to everything planned down to a T to get to get everyone out the door to their destinations on time.

Why did you choose the course you are on?

I chose my course due to personal experiences. I have had a lot medical procedures in recent years and always wondered how things worked. So after years of looking after children and giving up a career in law, I thought it was the right time for a change and diagnostic radiotherapy seemed like the ideal area to study.

What are your plans for after you graduate?

After I graduate I’d like to either work in trauma or nuclear medicine. Eventually after another 2 year degree I’d like to become a sonographer.

You’re dividing your time between home and university, so how do you choose what to wear every day?

When choosing my outfits I need them to be both smart, comfortable and easy to move in. Running around between nurseries and schools then straight off to lectures, outfits need to be interchangeable . A blazer is an ideal piece of clothing for this. I love the fit and style of Allta’s blazers. The colour range means there’s something for everyone and the styling of their jackets mean they can be added to virtually any outfit to either dress up, dress down or change the style of an outfit.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is quite diverse. I’m quite a smart person but clothes have to be practical.  Your appearance is what gives people their first impression of you. A person should always make an effort to look presentable. My eldest daughter always says ‘Mum why are you are you alway so glam?’ And I reply ‘ baby if I was to die today this would be my death face and outfit ‘ the moral is always look your best!

Has it been difficult for you as a tall woman to find clothes in high street shops that you actually want to wear?

I can honestly say I rarely buy clothes in the high street. Generally tall ranges in the high street have only had length added to the arms and legs not to the actual proportions. 95% of the time I shop online from dedicated tall sites. I love ASOS for their diverse range and LTS for more expensive pieces. I’ve had so many compliments when I wear my ASOS pieces.

What are your favourite go-to items of clothing in your wardrobe?

My favourite go-to items in my wardrobe are jeans and vests paired with a jacket and pumps or boots. I adore Silver Denim based in the US I must have around 10 pairs of various styles of jeans. I think low rise skinny/slim fit jeans flatter my figure the most. I’m 6 foot tall but all legs. I love Ugg Boots they are my downfall!

What does sustainable fashion mean to you and how important is it when making buying decisions?

Sustainable fashion is fairly important to me. ASOS do quite a good range. I am geared towards buying natural fibre clothing as some of my children have skin conditions. I think we all need to make an effort to ease the pressure in our environment and clothing is one of those ways.

Thanks Katy, we wish you the best of luck with your studies and hope you get lots of use out of the Moreton blazer.