Contemporary Tailoring for Tall Women

Contemporary Tailoring for Tall Women

Contemporary Tailoring for Tall Women

Get to know our ambassadors!

We are pleased to announce we have recruited two fantastic and impressive ambassadors to represent the Allta brand.

Mum of three, Rachel Broome, has recently set up Talentstorm, a company advising on individual and corporate development and growth, which draws on her own extensive experience of HR and talent management.

Katy Lee-Alliston is about to head back to university to study diagnostic radiotherapy, whilst still managing the day-to-day challenges of having four children at school and in childcare.

Both women juggle being a mum with their careers and are still finding time to blog for us about their lives and wardrobes. We hope that by providing quality garments made sustainably from natural fibres, we can at least take one decision off their plates and help them to look the part for whichever role they are needing to play that day.

But first let’s find out more about Rachel, seen here in our Moreton blazer in silver grey, which she’s styled for both smart and casual wear:

You’ve recently set up training and development agency, Talentstorm. How has it been to manage that?

I’ve actually always wanted to set up my own business –and after over 20 years in corporate roles it was definitely the right time! The early months are stomach churning as there are so many decisions to make and I definitely miss having a team around me to bounce ideas off – but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

What do you enjoy most about running your own business?

It’s actually incredibly liberating setting up your own business. I love knowing that there are no limits on what I can do, and it’s up to me where I take the business. I’m always full of ideas, the challenge is finding enough hours in the day!

How do you switch off at the end of the day?

I run! I got into running a few years ago, and I love it! Getting out in the fresh air is really important to me, and running is a great way of sorting through your thoughts if there’s too much going on in your head.

You’re now working from home rather than in an office so how important is it to you to look smart?

As much as I enjoy t-shirts and jeans for working from home, it’s always good to put on something smart. Smart-casual is the perfect blend for me, so I can flit between my home-office and a client meeting without having to change.

How would you describe your personal style?

My style is definitely classic – fitted clothes with good tailoring as they suit my frame as well as classic colours such as navy and white, black and grey, with red as my go to colour to brighten things up. I do have to make a conscious effort to get more variety of colour and styles into my wardrobe though!

Has it been difficult for you as a tall woman to find clothes on the high street that you want to be wearing?

It has been in the past – it’s better these days as more shops do tall ranges, and online shopping opens up access to a much wider range than if you were traipsing round. But yes, it is frustrating sometimes when you know your choice is limited!

What are your favourite go-to items of clothing in your wardrobe?

I seem to be drawn to cropped trousers as I have amassed quite a collection! These work so well on longer legs and are great for casual work-wear.  My best pair at the moment are from Danish fashion brand Friendtex, they have a little stretch in them so are a perfect fit. I also have quite a collection of collared shirts, particularly those with a deep cuff are my favourite. These can smarten up a pair of jeans, or just go with regular skirt/trouser separates, but can be styled differently eg: sleeves up or down, shirt tucked in or out, depending on the occasion.

What does sustainable fashion mean to you and how important is it when making buying decisions?

For me I’m more about investment pieces than throw away fashion. I’d rather buy something that’s classic in style that won’t date in the short-term, and definitely I’d rather pay more for good quality items that won’t wear out or fall apart. That’s why I love my blazer from Allta. It’s well made from good quality fabric so I know this one will last me for years.

It’s now peak holiday season. Have you got any top holiday packing tips you can share?

My packing tip is to think about what I’m likely to wear and to try on all my outfits as I pack so I can make sure I have complimentary separates!

Thanks Rachel! We’ll also hear soon from Katy on how she manages her busy work/life balance and any top tips she has for dressing well as a 6ft woman.