Contemporary Tailoring for Tall Women

Contemporary Tailoring for Tall Women

Contemporary Tailoring for Tall Women

Guest post from Richard Vickery of and the Tall Directory

We are bringing you a guest post this month as we caught up with Richard Vickery, a tall man who has set up two useful online resources for tall people: Tall.Directory and We put some questions to Richard about the sites and you can see what he has to say about them below.

You have set up a tall directory and tall dating website. What was the motivation for you to do this?

Well being 6’7” I think height has always played a part in my life.  I remember when I was at school and the standard school trousers were never long enough so my mum had to take down the turn-ups so they didn’t look really short.  Of course, kids always notice things like that and they always nagged me about it.  I personally do think being tall makes life a little bit harder, from getting clothes to fit, to finding the seat in a theatre with the most legroom to buying beds that are long enough, etc.  So when the domain registrar released “.Directory”, I thought it was the perfect time to buy and bring all the companies that help tall people together.

My dating site, comes from the days when I was single and looking to meet a partner.  I had decided that I wanted to meet someone fairly tall.  Looking on the internet I couldn’t find a dating site that met this need so I decided to start my own.  I might add that in the end I didn’t meet my current partner through the site.  People laugh at that, but I really feel that there is no one right or wrong way to meet someone.  You just have to be open to all the possibilities that are out there and get to know and meet as many people as you can.

Taking the Tall Directory ( first, why do you think tall brands all need to be listed in one place?

I just think there are so many brands out there that are undiscovered.  I think there are some big brands that everyone knows like Long Tall Sally or Jacamo, but there are lots of other fantastic independent, niche brands out there to be discovered.  I hope my site will enable those smaller sites to get the attention they deserve.

How many brands have you discovered so far to include in the directory and are these all from the UK or are they international?

Great question. At the moment there are 60 companies listed and most of them are from the UK.  But I have a list of companies I am waiting to get listed of another 200+ sites.  Since the site went live, people from the US have also commented that it would be good to add international sites, so they will be added in the coming months as well.

What sort of brands are you featuring? Just clothing or are there also furnishing and lifestyle brands?

Basically any brand that helps tall people, shall we say I’m not fussy! LOL.  I think the clothing brands are always important, but I particularly like sites which give some help to tall people.  A site called does this really well for example as it recommends the best seats at each theatre which offer the best legroom.

If someone has a tall brand and wants to get featured in the directory, how should they go about it?

They should go to our contact page and enter the details in the online form.  We are happy to take all recommendations as long as they have that one goal in mind… to help tall people.

Now on to tall dating:….Most dating websites ask you to state your height so why did you feel it was necessary to start a dating site just for tall people?

Great question and yes you’re absolutely right, most sites do ask for your height.  However, I have found for some people height is really important and for others not so much.  For those single people who think height is an important factor when it comes to finding your partner then our site is ideal as everyone who joins thinks it is too!  We find that height is a really important factor for tall women, they find the site great as they know there are going to be taller male members.  Likewise all those tall single males out there should become a member as there are lots of women waiting for you to join!

However, that’s not the only reason I think we are successful.  We have also created a tall community where everyone can talk about being tall.  So we have a tall persons private Facebook page called “What’s the weather like up there” which anyone can join and we also tell our members about the tall directory we talked about earlier.

Again, is this aimed at the UK or is it international?

Well is just for UK singles, however, we are just about to launch in the US and that website is

What is the criteria for signing up to Tall Singles?

Women have to be over 5’5” in height and men over 6’0”.  Now we know that a lot of people will say 5’5” is not tall, we originally had it set at 5’8”.  But the number of women shorter than 5’5” who contacted us saying I want to date a man who is 6’0+ but your excluding us, was overwhelming.  So we lowered it to 5’5” and we still get some women object, but no where near as many!.

What specific issues do to tall people face when dating and how do you think the website will help?

Well from my own experience from when I was single, I used to go to bars and clubs with friends looking for a date, but would quickly become very disheartened.  Looking around the room I would only see short women there and would think to myself even if they are single, a relationship with them probably isn’t going to work.  So by bringing tall people and people looking for tall people together, I hope my site overcomes that problem.

How many members do you have?

We have over 40,000 members from all across the UK and we are growing, which is great.

How much does it cost to join?

Well it’s actually FREE to join and take a look around.  This is when you should be asking yourself if there are any members who you are attracted to!  If you want to start messaging other members you have to become a member, memberships vary in length and cost

Thanks very much, Richard. We wish you all the very best with both of these sites, which sound like excellent resources for the tall community.